At Linton-on-Ouse Primary School and Nursery, we believe that developing good reading and spelling skills is rooted in high quality teaching of phonics; phonics is at the core of almost all children’s ability to read fluently.  All pupils in Early Years Foundation Stage and in Key Stage One receive daily phonics teaching.  We use the Dfe accredited Synthetic Systematic Phonics Programme by Essential letters and Sounds.

We endeavour to develop enthusiastic readers at a young age; we offer the pupils books that are decodable - the children have already been taught the phonemes that they need to be able to read the book. This encourages confidence as it allows the children to begin to access books quickly.  Where pupils make less than expected progress, we help them to catch up quickly through additional support sessions. 

Click on the link to help you understand more about Phonics and the different stages of teaching it via the Oxford Owl ELS website.

Following this link will take you to the ELS Oxford Owl Learning at home Support. There are a number of activities and videos that you can watch and use to help you support your child and their phonics learning at home.

What is Phonics?

A short film to help you understand what we mean by phonics.

How to say the sounds

A short film to help you say the sounds correctly when supporting your child at home with reading and phonics work.