Redwood Class

Year 5 & 6


Year 6 is very special as it is the pupils' final year at Primary School. Before we wave them goodbye, we prepare them for the SATs assessments that happen in May.

Scroll down to learn more about the timetable for SATs Week and to see some examples of the test papers.

SATs Breakfast

It is a tradition for the Year 6 pupils to enjoy a special breakfast each morning during their SATs week.

The Tests

All children in the country receive the same papers on the same days.

The KS2 SATs week is set by the government; we cannot determine which week the pupils we sit the papers.

The 2024 Key Stage 2 SATs will take place in the week commencing 13th May 2024. The tests will take place over four days. 

The timetable for the KS2 SATs week is explained below.

Monday - GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling)

Paper 1 is a set of questions which will test the grammar, the punctuation and the spelling taught during KS2 (Years 3 to 6). The pupils are allowed 45 minutes for this paper.

Paper 2 is a list of sentences with missing words which the pupils have to insert as they are read out to them. There is no time restriction on this paper.

Tuesday - Reading

The pupils are expected to read a booklet of three texts and answer questions about what they have read. They have one hour for this test.

Wednesday - Mathematics

Paper 1 is the arithmetic test, Pupils have 30 minutes to answer questions designed to test their ability to carry out calculations.

Paper 2 is the first reasoning test. In this paper, the pupils are given 40 minutes to answer more complex mathematical questions that require understanding of the KS2 mathematics curriculum (Years 3 to 6).

Thursday - Mathematics

Paper 3 is another reasoning test.

Examples of SATs papers

Please use the links below to see the government's sample SATs papers and their mark schemes. You are welcome to use these with your child if you would like to.

It is also easy to download copies of actual SATs papers from previous years but we ask parents to avoid sharing these with their children as we use them in school to assist our assessments during their time with us in school.

2016_Sample_ks2_mathematics_paper3_reasoning (1).pdf