Willow Class

Years 3 & 4

Meet the Willow team

Welcome to our class website.  Here you will find some of the exciting work that we have completed and photos of our achievements.  

I hope you enjoy viewing the amazing work that we have produced!

Miss Cockerill

Miss Cockerill teaches Willow on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Fun Fact:

I live on a farm with cows, sheep and 3 sheepdogs called Jan, Meg and Tip.

Miss Pearson

Miss Pearson teaches Willow class on a Wednesday.

Fun Fact:

I have jumped out of a plane twice and I have also done a bungee jump as well. The bungee jump will not be done again!

Information Texts

In our writing for this half term, the children have created some amazing information reports about their own imagined mountain. 

They include information about their location, the wildlife living there, the equipment needed to climb the mountain, any myths and the weather conditions. There was a range of peaceful mountains to deadly ones! 

Paperclip experiment

In our forces and magnets topic, we wanted to conduct an experiment to find out which was the strongest magnet. 

We had: A large bar magnet, A small bar magnet and a horseshoe magnet. 

The strongest magnet was the one which held the most paperclips in a chain. Our results showed that the strongest magnet was the small bar magnet, which was the opposite to everyone's predictions. 

The Internet

This half term in Willow, we have been exploring the internet. 

We have learnt about: 

Our branching databases

In computing, we created our very own branching databases to sort between a selection of different dinosaurs. 

First, we planned them on paper, deciding which questions to use to make our databases as even as possible. When we were happy with them, we moved onto producing a digital one on the computer. All pupils worked brilliantly together in their pairs and produces some excellent and accurate databases.

Class Performance of 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.'

The children all did a fantastic performance of 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse' in front of an audience during golden book. They only had five days to rehearse and learn their lines but they were all amazing! Well done Willow, what a great achievement!

Class Trip to the National Railway Museum

Willow Class visited the National Railway Museum to gain more of an understanding of how trains have changed and developed over time. The children had an excellent and interesting time exploring the Great Hall, looking at the different types of trains there are, writing down key features. 

We also attended a workshop about streamlining, seeing how the shape of a train can affect the speed it goes.

We visited the Wonderlab. Everybody enjoyed the different science-related activities. We all had a fantastic learning experience!

Class Trip to the art gallery

On the 16th of November, Willow class visited York Art Gallery to learn more about  our art topic this half term - Every Picture tells a story. 

The children all had a great time exploring the different pieces of art work. 


A fantastic day was had by all!

Forest school session

Willow class completed a forest school session, taking part in various outdoor activities. 

These involved: 

Skip2bfit and Box2bfit

Willow class took part in a skip2bfit and box2bfit session just before half term. 

The children all did some excellent work and showed some great resilience and perseverance when skipping and boxing

World Mental Health Day 

For World Mental Health Day, we made our own unique hands, adding things that make us happy. 

We discussed the importance of keeping both physically and mentally healthy and thought of ways to achieve this

DT Cushions- All about me

This half term in DT, we have been using running stitch and cross stitch to complete our very own cushions. These are designed to be all about us, including our initials and favourite things. 

Everybody worked extremely hard, producing high quality cushions. 

Water Cycle in a bag 

This half term we have been learning about the different states of matter and the Water Cycle. 

We made a water cycle in a bag to show the processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. 

Have a look at our amazing work!