British Science Week - Trip to Howsham Mill.

We had a super time at Howsham Mill today.  Thankfully we had a dry day, and were able to enjoy a lot of time outside completing lots of science activities. 

We compared different soil types and looked carefully at organic and inorganic matter.  We also investigated rocks and thought about how to test whether they would be suitable for a garden path.  It was great to learn about the site itself and the renewable energy sources that they use there.  

Trip to York Minster

On Wednesday 5th October, Willow Class and Year 2 went to York Minster!  The weather was against us, but we had a brilliant time finding symbols of Christianity and the inside of a working place of worship.  The children also learned about Saint George and the dragon and went on a dragon hunt around the Minster.  There were a lot to spot! 

Snowball 2022

What an amazing 3 days we had!  

Canoeing:  Although the weather was quite windy, we still managed to get a long way down the river. Sadly, Aldwalk Bridge was a bit too far this year so we had a later lunch at Linton Locks instead.  There was a lot of resilience and AMAZING teamwork as some of the canoes valiantly struggled against the wind.  

Snowball Plantation:  The weather held and we had a great time at Snowball!  We took part in a lot of activities including:

Den building


Seed dispersal investigations

The dotty wide game

Using a flint and steel to start a fire


Right angle hunting

Lots of fun!

Snowball 2022 Information

Each year, Willow Class have a 3 day residential.  Day one is an activity day and will be canoeing to Alwark Bridge this year.  The following day, we go to Snowball Plantation.  There are always lots of fun activities and a campfire before bedtime.  It's a great experience and one not to miss!

Please take a look at the information for this year's trip below.

Class 2 snowball presentation 2022.pptx

Trip to the National Railway Musuem, Autumn 2022

We had a great time at the National Railway Museum.  We learned about the history of trains and why they were important to changing industry in our country.  

We were very impressed when we saw The Rocket - what an amazing engineering achievement!

The Mallard was a very interesting shape.

While we were there, we took part in a workshop understanding the difficulties of building a tunnel. We explored how different shapes respond to pressure and learned about 'tunnel boom'.

It was also very exciting to use the bus!  

Brownlee Triathlon

All of KS2 has a super active day at York Sport Village for the Brownlee Triathlon. 

Everyone had to swim a lap of the pool, cycle around the track and run the cross country course. 

All the children showed amazing stamina and enthusiasm and had a great day.