Willow Class

Years 3 & 4

Meet the Willow team

Class Teacher - Miss S Hudson

Fun fact - I once spent a whole summer being a Chilean cowgirl!  

Miss H Gray

Class Teacher

Fun fact- Miss Gray likes to play tennis. She loves watching Wimbledon and her favourite player is Nadal!

Welcome to our class website.  Here you will find some of the exciting work that we have completed and photos of our achievements.  

I hope you enjoy viewing the amazing work that we have produced!

Wicked Weather Watch 2023 - Focus on Svalbard

Today we took part in the Wicked Weather Watch and learned lots about the Arctic and Svalbard in particular. We used Google Earth to find Svalbard and thought carefully about how the landscape and maps there have changed in the last 100 years.

We had a great time hearing from a real polar explorer and finding out about the tundra and taiga.  

Finally, we discussed how we can help to reduce climate change and why it is important. What a busy day! 

Design and Technology - Making Juggling Balls

This half term we had a long project, testing designing and making our own set of juggling balls!

We had to think carefully about the design brief, making sure that they were suitable for children, easy to throw and catch and of high quality.

We really enjoyed testing different fillings to see which we thought would work best.  Using the tie-dye was exciting too!

 I wonder - who will be able to juggle after the Easter Holiday?  

Astro Pi Day

As part of Science week, we completed a KS2 Astro Pi project. We worked in groups with members of Redwood class to design an image to be sent to the ISS (International Space Station). We researched where the countries involved in the ISS were in atlases, learnt how to code different colours using RGB, designed nature themed images on a bitmap and then used code to create the image to be displayed on an Astro Pi. These images will be sent to the astronauts on the ISS!!

Art - Human Form inspiration

We looked at the work of Anthony Gormley and Henry Moore, thinking about how they show different emotions and human forms.  We used sketching skills and clay sculpture to create our own abstract art sculptures in a similar style.  I wonder if you can tell what the main emotions of our sculptures were.  

Science  - Electricity!

Our science topic has already been a lot of fun.  We have been making and investigating circuits as well as preparing our knowledge for making our own torches in DT.

We decided on the best materials to make our switches, then tried out a variety of different types.  

Video Editor - book adverts

We have created our own video trailers for some books that we think younger children will love!

We put them together using pictures and videos, using the Video Editor app on our laptops and desktop computers.  There were a lot of skills involved.  Music, text slides and special effects really made the videos exciting and engaging.

We hope you enjoy watching some of our efforts.

Santasaurus video.mp4
Advert How Santa really works.mp4
Grumpy badgers Christmas video.mp4

Our Class work

Art, Rothko, Colours and Emotions!

We learned about primary, secondary and tertiary colours and had a go at mixing them using colours wheels.

After that, we put out colour mixing into practice making our own Rothko inspired colour combinations to show different emotions.  

Super Science!  Living things and their habitats.

We went out into our local environment to find what sort of living things are around in the autumn.  

We used different spotter sheets and keys to work out what the animals and plants were.  We found some amazing things!  

PE - Outdoor Adventurous Activities - Map Work

We had a lot of fun creating faces in one of our PE lessons this week.  We had to make sure that the faces were accurate using a key and collect the items in the right order.  

Making up our own afterwards was a lot of fun too.  

Harvest Bread Shaping

This week our wonderful school chef helped us to create harvest bread!

We worked hard to replicate some of the traditional elements of the harvest.  Can you spot any animals in our bread masterpieces?

Instruction Writing

We have been writing instructions to help a Neolithic person start farming!  We thought about the animals that might be helpful and had fun making up ways that we could tame them. 

We hope you enjoys reading some of our work.  

Today we had a go at making shelters using the natural materials in our Forest School area.

We had to make sure the person could get in and out, and try to make it as waterproof as possible!

It reminded us of Stig, making his den in the pit in our class story 'Stig of the Dump'.

Ancient Greek Pottery

We have been learning about Ancient Greece and had a go at making our own Greek pots!  We thought about the patterns and pictures that are shown on real ancient artefacts.  

Concrete poems

Willow class learned about concrete (shape) poems and their common features.

We wrote our own based on objects linked to our ancient Greece topic.  We tried to include alliteration, adverbs, adjectives, noun phrases and similes.

Amazing Botanical Art

Willow class learned about the skills needed to be a super botanical artist.  We found out about the work of Franz Bauer and had a go at sketching and using water colour pencils.

To honour the Queen for the Jubilee, Willow Class created their own botanical art based on flowers with a royal link. These included the Elizabeth Rose Jubilee Roses.  

I hope you enjoy our awesome artwork!

We have been really enjoying our forest school sessions this half term. Linking our science learning about plants to the flowers in our area.  

We used magnifying glasses to see the parts of the plant in even more depth.  We then learned about the Japanese art of Hapa Zome - using hammers to create plant patterns on fabric.  We experimented with our own patterns and learned how to use the hammers safely.

Computing - Learning about Databases

 We made our own top trumps cards based on the Ancient Egyptian Gods.

We learned the vocabulary:





We then input the data onto an online database using Google Classroom.

We created our own graphs and charts to help analyse the data.

We discussed the benefits of an online database and a paper database.  We decided that online databases are  very useful.

 Finally, we use online databases to plan a holiday to Greece!  We had to had set fields for dates, budget and the hotel features.  

Carefully measuring each centimetre

Our potato mountain range

Sketching the potato mountain

We used potatoes to learn about contour lines on maps.  We worked carefully to measure the centimetres and join the lines on the potatoes.  This really helped us to understand that the closer the lines are, the steeper the slope!    

DT - Cushions

We made cushions using different sewing skills. We use different stitches like running stitch and cross stitch as well as the applique technique.