We use Essential Letters and Sounds to teach children phonics from the first week of Reception.

In the first half-term, they are taught the Phase 2 sounds.

In Autumn 2 and Spring 1 and 2 of Reception, they are taught the Phase 3 sounds.

In Summer 1 of Reception, the children focus on consolidating the sounds taught and on looking at the structures of words.

In Summer 2 of Reception, the children are taught the Phase 5 sounds.

Your child will bring home a phonics reading book which will contain only sounds that they have been taught in school. They should read this book 4 times with you.

You can also support your child by using the correct pronunciation of each sound. Below, there are links to videos that will model these sounds for you.

There is also a page for parents on the Oxford Owl website that explains Essential Letters and Sounds in more detail. Click on the link to visit this site.