Our School Staff


Mrs Davinia Pearson

Mrs Karen  Renton

Birch Class/Little Oaks Teacher

(EYFS, Year 1 & 2)

Miss Emma Cockerill

Willow Class Teacher

(Year 3 & 4)

Mrs Debbie Rawlinson

Redwood Class Teacher

(Year 5 & 6)

Miss Laura Pearson

SEND Leader

Miss Katie Carr 

EYFS / Key Stage 1

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kerry Simms

School Administrator/

Clerk to Governors

Mrs Jenni Wilson 

EYFS / Key Stage 1

Teaching Assistant

Miss Mellissa Cole 

EYFS / Key Stage 1

Teaching Assistant

Miss Hannah Lawson 

EYFS / Key Stage 1

Teaching Assistant

Staff Financial Transparency

While schools do submit salary information to Local Authorities, schools are now also required to publish salary information on their website if staff have a salary of above £100,000 in order to improve financial transparency. Linton-on-Ouse Primary School & Nursery has NO member of staff on above £100,000!