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Welcome to our website. Here at Linton-on-Ouse Primary School & Nursery we recognise the importance of helping our pupils to develop their full potential and we do our utmost to make that a reality. We also recognise that this is more likely to happen when school and home work together as a partnership for the good of the children. We try to develop the whole child and work to enable them to become balanced individuals with a sense of responsibility towards others.

Our school is an integral part of the village community. We work with our neighbours and all contribute to the feeling of belonging and citizenship. All children are regarded as equals in our school and we encourage them in all their achievements. As our children leave primary education our aim is that he/she is equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence to move on to the next stage of education, and for life.

We hope you find our website informative. It contains information about our school and our practices.  If you would like a copy of any of the information you find on this website, please just ask.

If you require further information or if you would like to look round our school during the day, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I look forward to meeting you!

Mrs Pearson

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Mrs D Pearson

The Headteacher

Linton-on-Ouse Primary School & Nursery

Linton Woods Lane



North Yorkshire

YO30 2BD

Telephone Number    01347 848234

E-mail Address         admin@linton.n-yorks.sch.uk

DfE Number              815 2171

Our School Administrator, Mr Ian McClelland, is available between 8am - 5.30pm each school day to deal with queries from parents or other members of the public.

The School Day

We start at 9.00am and finish at 3.30pm, dinner time is from 12.00 until 1.00pm.  The teaching time available per week (excluding collective worship, registration and breaks) is 23.5 hours.

Children should not arrive earlier than 8.50am except in specially agreed circumstances.  Staff will be available in their classrooms should you want to have a quick word.  Staff are thus not available for playground duty but you are welcome to stay with your child until the bell goes at 9.00am.

School Discipline, Ethos & Values

It is a primary aim of our school that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly and to the highest standard.  The school promotes good behaviour in order to develop an ethos of kindness and co-operation.  Most children only need to be told about misbehaviour, some may require this to be reinforced by a withdrawal of privilege.  If we have serious concern about a discipline matter parents will be told as soon as possible and a meeting arranged to talk about how best the matter can be tackled whilst respecting the confidentiality of parties concerned. 

Learning and 


Caring Together.